BDR CNC Machining

BDR is a company specializing in wood and panel machining. We are a long time subcontractor for industries such as rail, aeronautics, automotive, construction and shipyards.
  • Large-size panel CNC machining up to 2,5x8m.
  • Sandwich panel assembling and gluing.
  • Wood, metal, synthetic and composite panel machining
  • Assembly of various metal, electrical, sound-proof, vibration-proof parts and components.
We assist our clients with their projects, from design to the final product. Thanks to our reactivity, our equipment, and our know-how, we are able to work with major industrial operators and on international contracts.


  • procedes-speciaux-collage-structural

Special production processes

What are these special processes ?
Special processes refer to processes that cannot be verified by monitoring or measurement performed […]

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Custom wood panel edgebanding

Description: Plating small and medium series edges, any kind of plating on angles or curves, height  of 10 to […]

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Extra-large wood CNC machining

(CNC machining of large panels (7500 x 2500) total lenght of the machine 30 m)

Numerically controlled machine tool
This CNC […]