Quality policy of our railway equipment services

For many years BDR has been working on a global approach to ensure continuous improvement. This approach includes many actions:

ISO 9001 version 2015

We have been ISO 9001 certified since June 2004 and the policy of our enterprise turns on a service, a control and a know-how while integrating environmental concepts of security and design quality until industrial realization. Within this framework, we have procedures ensuring us of the conformity of the products. We are able to inform our customers about complete traceability of all raw materials.

Realization of quality files

Realization of quality files with supply of all necessary certificates, dimensional PV, FAI (First Article Inspection). A complete folder will be given for the first delivery. All documents are kept at BDR and are available in case of litigation.


EWF 515 and EWF 516 Certification (for specialists and operators) corresponding to DIN 6701.

Sustainable development

“The industrial activities, either production or machining, influence inevitably our environment. So we have developed an internal environmental charter based on 3 fundamental principles :

  • Preserve the natural resources,
  • Be attentive to our partners,
  • Perpetuate the economical development