Industrialized production of pieces for the railway equipment

BDR is specialized in the machining and assembly of wood panels and composites for the industrial manufacturing. BDR’s know-how is famous in the railway industry, for whom we manufacture railcar interiors. Our customers profit from expert of a recognized subcontractor by majors of railway construction through studies, just in time deliveries, prototyping, tests and manufacturing.

Reactivity and speed of execution

Our management of the raw and our stock allows the shortest time of provision and delivery of our products.

Park machine

“Our performant production equipment is adapted to the needs of our customers

  • 3 numerical driven machines with 8 m lenght and 2.5 m wide,
  • Mortise machine, moulding machine, Tenoners,
  • Edgebanding machine, drill of singing,
  • Programmable saw.”


After transformation and machining of the pieces, the assembly will be realized in a controlled temperature and hygrometry local These operations allow us to assembly all pieces like plates, foams, protections, sheaths, coatings.


We have associated to all these operations controlled process. We have developed special processes for the riveting, tightening of couple clamping.

Just in time delivery

We can provide to our customers pieces totally equipped for line-side delivery. This allows a saving time for the final assembly. BDR has also the possibility to assembly pieces at the client’s factory.