What are these special processes ?

Special processes refer to processes that cannot be verified by monitoring or measurement performed retrospectively, and where deficiencies become apparent only after the product is in use. The term “special processes” is borrowed from the European aircraft quality standard EN 9100.

BDR develops and integrates special processes in the production of your parts.

BDR’s special processes

Our production unit is qualified for the following processes :

  • control of assembly operation by gluing and gouting
  • torquing

Thus, we put all human and material resources at your disposal so that our procedures allow a repetitive quality to meet your technical specifications.

Clamping operations

For clamping operations, we are part of a global approach to continuous improvement and process control on the different most important factors in the implementation of tightening.

The engineering department is responsible for sizing of screwed or bolted joints. The choice of elements to implement is always justified by approximate calculations (type, class, diameter).

The requirements relate to mechanical screw assemblies, whether structural assemblies or so-called “maintenance”.

The respect of contraints associated with these requirements is the responsibility of different services: purchase, procurement, research, method, control.

The tightening are standard values to take into account for any assembly respecting the basic guidelines described in the European standard values.

Bonding and grouting operations


procédés spéciaux collage structural


For bonding operations and grouting, we defined provisions to control the gluing and grouting processes as well as their supplies. Our procedure specifies also the responsibilities and rules for the internal qualification of a new mastic or glue.

This statement covers all orders. In the case where BDR is a subcontractor, the procedure can be reduced, because it benefits from the know-how of the principal through training. The products comply with hygiene and safety is still to be verified.