France is one of the most important European countries manufacturing motorhomes, caravans and vans space. Europe’s leading group is French. Our country has developed a historical expertise in the recreational vehicle concerning line entry and average range.

A partnership with major RV manufacturers

BDR accompanies now the industry majors in the search for new technological solutions while meeting two stringent requirements:

  • The permanent reduction of the weight of each component, compensating the addition of high-tech equipments or electrical household appliances in the cockpit to inducing a decrease in fuel consumption.
  • The use of products more robust meeting the environmental standards.

BDR works in the development of new products in flooring, pulling all its experience of his perfect knowledge products used in the railway sector and aicraft manufacturing.

Who are BDR’s customers ?

More than 10,000 campers and vans manufactured in France per year. The BDR Company, a supplier of machined panels for the construction industry and shipyards, works with some of the industry majors and develops, especially with one of them, a large collaborative project in the technological evolution of its vehicle floors (Single, double, heating …), especially for high-end models.

BDR realized after cutting and machining, the sandwich floor with plywood base (face and back panels and reinforcements and structural core) and interior insulation (polyester fiber and polyurethane foam).
We can add depending on the application, an aluminium sheet 6/10 th on the place in contact with the frame, which protects the floor from moisture and impacts on the road.

The plane components and structural parts are pre cut on an automated horizontal saw for wood panels; the different pieces of the puzzle are then assembled and screwed together on worktables flat.
The selected insulation is installed and a final plywood comes close everything. Meanwhile, the production took care to strengthen the vehicle floor where it is necessary (area of seat’s fixing, seat belts or some furniture according the plan of each motor-home) and put all the inserts and vibration bands.

Upon request, BDR can also install the flooring chosen by the manufacturer. An almost finished product can be delivered.