A specialist in wood machining, BDR is the main French subcontractor of the main manufacturers of electrical boxes and gas.

BDR has been developing significant business relationships with companies specialized in the manufacturing of electrical cabinets for a long time.

Although technology and the emergence of composite and polypropylene have fundamentally changed consumption’s practices of the sector – there is no more wood in modern electric transformers – there remains a significant amount of wooden boxes for very specific jobs..

Manufacturer of electrical and gas boxes

BDR has in its customer portfolio the leading manufacturers of electrical boxes and gas, distributed throughout France.

By the developments described above, BDR equip now mostly boxes used for temporary connections for the installation of projects in the area of new construction (collective or individual buildings).

Wood machining for electrical and electronic boxes

BDR machine all wood plates for receiving the parts used in the composition of a relay or an electric meter or a gas meter.

Types of manufactured parts

The panel is cut to the exact dimensions of each box. It is then machined to show all parts empty for receiving pieces of counting or power. It is operations on each side of the panel, with very precise machinings to 1/10 th of a mm.