Manufacturing of the prototype

After approval of study file by the customer, we can start the manufacturing of the prototype. This fundamental stage allows verifying the feasibility of the project on industrial side.

Tests and conditioning

A lot of custom made tests are realized on each prototype. If the nature of the realized tests is specific on each project, some topics like safety, durability, resistance under constraints are recurring.

  • Fire mode for fire/smoke tests,
  • Painting on doors for tearing tests,
  • Gluing of flooring for peeling tests,
  • Mechanic resistance tests,
  • Etc.

These tests are realized either at customer’s plant or in approved laboratories with supply of certificates.

Processes of product improvement

Depending of the results and in collaboration with customer, we can study a process of improvement of the product.

Manufacturing of the product

After approval of the prototype we can start the production with a just-in-time delivery .