Research and development for railcar manufacturers

As a reference part manufacturer for the railway industry, BDR has become over time an expert in railcar interior fitting products. Our know-how allows us to collaborate with the major railway car manufacturers as well as with the railway prime contractors throughout the life cycle of products.

Examples of project studies

  • Interior decorative elements  (floorings, laminated panels…)
  • Structural elements (technical floors, cable ducts, insulation foam panels…)

Feasibilty study

Depending on the project, we can start with the feasibility study. In that case, our R&D team collaborates directly with our client’s R&D. This teamwork starts with product design in order to compare our detailed knowledge of materials (wood, honeycomb cores, composite panels, heating floors) to the different constraints of the railway sector (safety standard, product lifespan, etc…) as soon as possible.

Requirements and specifications

A feasability study can be led from:

  • Requirements and specifications made by our client
  • Requirements and specifications established with our client
  • Requirements and specifications established by our team and approved by our client.

3D CAD mock-up

After the approval of the requirements and specifications, we can create a 3D mock-up of the product. Then, this mock-up can be used to create a prototype. We can work with any digital data format.

Set of plans

The set of plans will be made according to our client’s wishes using their title block or BDR’s.

Railway products renovation studies

We can also lead studies on renovation and suggest replacement solutions.