Railway equipment supplier: tailor-made railcar interior design and equipment for trains, subway and tramways

BDR is an expert in machining of wood and composite panels for rail car interiors. We supply train floorings and other ready-to-assemble panels to the railway industry.

We research, engineer, put into production, market innovative products and offer solutions according to our clients’needs.
BDR railcar services:

Rail car interior design

As a prime contractor of French and international rail car manufacturers, we mainly manufacture wood and composite machined panels for train car interiors such as floorings, ceilings, shelves, interior doors and partitions… We mainly make fittings for trains : high-speed trains, subways, tramways…

As an expert in wood and composite panel machining, we also provide structural parts and panels for buildings and stores, leisure vehicles, planes and boats.

Fabrication, assembly and shipment of machined panels

We manufacture a wide array of composite panels and fittings assembled out of of various materials including foam, honey comb panels, metal sidings, laminated board, wood and resin. These machined products are usually shipped assembled and ready-to-install.

BDR can take charge of the research and development and suggest technical solutions to manufacture your products: we design plan sets with or without requirements and specifications as well as prototypes, we put into production and assemble all parts required for a just-in-time delivery.
Our end products are generally delivered fully assembled and ready to install, but we can also assemble them at our client’s.
All our packagings are chosen according to our products transportation needs: palett, fork-lift truck, vacuum-sealed international shipping crates, etc.
Our logistics services can deliver all products, regardless of their size, anywhere in the world. Our help-desk is multilingual : French, German, English, Spanish.
We keep all the digital data related to each product, so that we can replace a product or part of it at any time.

To know more,  visit our railcar supplier quality charter.