To satisfy our customers, BDR is certified ISO 9001 V2008 since June 2004. The policy of our company is based on a service, a mastery and expertise while integrating environmental notions of security and quality from the design to industrial production.

All provisions implemented to reach our quality targets are described in our quality manual and conducted by the system of quality management. A quality committee assures the maintain, the validation and the review of this quality management and this in order to keep our commitment to satisfy our customers.

The quality of our services and our products is very important for us, because it determines our success.

  • ISO 9001 V2008 Certification
  • Certification by our major contractors
  • Product certification (ST056, collage coating)

For several years, BDR has taken a comprehensive approach to continuous improvement. This includes various actions:

ISO 9001 version 2015

We are certified ISO 9001 since June 2004 and the policy of our company is built around a service, a mastery and a know-how. In this context, we have procedures to assure the compliance of our products. We are able to inform our cutomers about total traceability of each of our raw materials.

EcoVadis Certification


Certification EWF 515 et EWF 516 (specialist et operators) corresponding to DIN 6701.

This certification allows us to master collage design, implementation, control and traceability.

Sustainable development

The industrial activities for production or machining have some influences on our environment. So, in this proactive spirit, we developed an internal environmental charter based on the 3 fundamental principles of sustainable development.

  • Preserving natural ressources
  • Listening to our partners
  • Sustaining economic development

Explore the BDR Sustainable Development Charter