This technology was developed by « Country Vals de Saintonge » with the main objective to maintain the presence in Poursay-Garnaud. Eight years later an experimentation of 17-Numérique, the delegate of General Council of Charente-Maritime for the digital development allows to open new horizons.

Since January 2013, BDR takes advantages of the very high speed Internet which is possible thanks to the optical fiber of 10 Mbit/s and a radio contact of 5.7 km. This experimentation will run over one year with the objective to inscribe this technology to the catalogue of service of 17-Numerique on all Charente-Maritime.

The community of communes of Saint Jean d’Angély, 17- Numérique and E-WI TELECOM, local telecommunications operator worked together to develop a radio contact between Fontorbe where the optical fiber arrives and the site of BDR. A technical challenge that allows BDR to work more efficiently with important French and international manufacturers. From now on it will be possible to send high definition digitized plans, to receive rapidly e-mails and to have meeting by video conference. BDR’s saying would be without doubt : « if Internet doesn’t come to you, then go get it where it is ».
BDR accède au très haut débit grâce à la fibre optique


BDR is located in the middle of the region Poitou-Charentes, and is specialized for 15 years in the machining of all kind of wooden panels, aluminium and composites. It has several numerical driven machines for cutting and assembly of each panel according to customer’s specifications.


This is a territorial collectivity responsible for the economic development of an area of 18000 inhabitants. It plays its part of public actor of proximity while allowing to local companies to develop or by making safe their establishement on their territory.


17-Numérique is delegated of the public service of General Council of Charente-Maritime for the digital installation of very high flow of the terroritory. General Council of Charente-Maritime chose in December 2006 the company Axione (subsidiary of Bouygues Energies et Services) to develop an infrastructure very high flow on its territory. This project of digital installation gave birth to the 17-Numerique subsidiary of Axione infrastrutures to manage locally this project. Thus 17-Numérique assures the design, construction and exploitation of this network while marketing to all operators of communications which propose their services to enterprises and individuals. Today one net surfer on three in Charente-Maritime uses the public network at home and 55 000 employees use it every day.


E-WI TELECOM is a developer and integrator of innovating solutions for Internet for WIFI and for mobility. Established in Saint Jean d’Angély, E-WI Télécom accompany more than 250 customers in Charente-Maritime and on the French territory. For 5 years, the enterprise acquired an important notoriety near the people working in the tourism industry and the communities with supply / exploitation of hotspot WIFI public system and pooled internet network. E-WIFI TELECOM as telecom operator provides also marketing, supply and supervision of internet bonds high flow (ASDSL, SDSL, optical fiber), of systems of interconnection internet from site to Radio site. Contact : Mme Popinot (Tél 05 31 61 62 10).