tête d'usinage grande dimension avec ses 8 outils et son groupe de perçage

(CNC machining of large panels (7500 x 2500) total lenght of the machine 30 m)

centre d'usinage de panneaux très grandes dimensions (7500x2500) longueur totale de la machine 30m

Numerically controlled machine tool

This CNC machine is totally automated, from the unstacking of panels until their evacuation. It is directly connected to our software programming “ALPHACAM”

Centre d'usinage grande dimension automatisé à commandes numériques

(cockpit of the numerical driven machine)

Realized pieces

The information extracted from the CAD program (computer aided-design) are sent to the machine for cutting, milling, countersinking, machining, drilling…

Examples of manufactured parts

This CNC machine allows us to realize the manufacturing of various panels – sandwich panels, composite panels, wood panels, honeycomb panels, aluminum, laminated wood, multilayer panels, fibrocement, OSB, plywood…

Sandwich panels


(Large-size machining of an iron on wood panel)

Honeycomb panel

usinage grande dimension de panneaux nid d'abeille en aluminium

(aluminum panel transformed by the CNC machine for large dimensions)


cloison de bateau de grande dimension en matière synthétique

Large-sized boat partition (2850×6800) in synthetic material