BDR on the Dakar 2013

BDR sponsors Poitiers crew Poirault Tartarin Racing Team “Team TTS” on the Dakar 2013. We are pleased to share with you the progress of the pilots. You will find, below, links that will allow you to track and feel the race in real time.

Départ de l'équipage sponsorisé par BDR sur le Dakar 2013

A sport challenge in favor of sick children

Indeed, the team joined the association “A hospital for children” for which its partners pay back 1 euro per kilometer of the race. Besides, other activities such as a drawing challenge or  a quiz were undertaken.

“Their experience and their motivation will be key assets for this challenge they undertake in favor of the sick children at the Poitiers hospital”.

dessin réalisé pour l'association "un hôpital pour les enfants" au cours du Dakar 2013

You can visit the website of the association ” A Hospital for Children “for more information.

Follow our local crew

Follow the adventures of Christian and Yves step by step on the official blog of Team TTS .

Parcours du Dakar 2013

About BDR

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